Why do you need to Warm Up Before Jumping Rope?

Why do you need to Warm Up Before Jumping Rope?

Did you start a jump rope routine recently? 

Are you regularly jumping with a weighted jump rope? 

If your answer is yes to the above questions, it's a great start to a healthier you. Jump rope is a very effective exercise as it helps you maximize your workout in only a few minutes. It helps you burn calories in a short time, and also improves your heart health, and strengthens bone density. Along with that, a weighted jump rope routine can also improve your flexibility, coordination, and cognitive function. 

 For someone with a busy schedule, a jump rope routine would be the best exercise to reap all the benefits of exercise. And if you are adding jumping ropes to your workout schedule, that is also a great way to get an effective workout. Many athletes and MMA fighters regularly jump ropes to get a full-body workout.

 However, while exercising with a weighted jump routine, we should not overlook the importance of warm-up. Many people even use jumping rope as a warm-up to their intense workout routine. But what you shouldn't forget is that it is necessary to warm up before starting skipping with your weighted jump rope. It might not look necessary, but it will help you avoid any injuries resulting from jumping ropes.

What is Warmup?

 Warmup means reducing the risk of injuries and preparing your body by increasing the body's core and muscle temperature. Not only will it help to prevent injuries, but it will also improve your performance.

 Mayoclinic says, "Warming up helps prepare your body for aerobic activity". Thus, warming up before exercise helps increase the rate of energy production, thus increasing reflexes and lowering the time to contract a muscle. 

 A warmup should include light cardio such as a walk or jumping jacks that will help to raise your body temperature and get your blood flowing. You can also add some dynamic movements such as swinging your legs back and forth to prepare your body for the exercises to come. By warming up, you are getting your body ready for a range of motions required to complete a workout routine. However, different activities require a different set of warmup activities. If you are warming up for a weighted jump rope routine, you should prepare your body to get ready for skipping. 

 Why is Warmup Important before Jumping Rope?

 As jumping rope requires the use of your calves, wrists, and legs, there could be a risk of injuries to those muscles. Also, jumping rope means full-body movement, so your body should be prepared to take the jolts. Warmup before jumping rope will improve your performance making you more agile and flexible to get a great weighted jump rope workout. 

 Injuries are never welcome, and they can give you a setback to your healthy exercise routine. All the progress that you might have made would feel like a waste. It might take a lot of time to recover depending on the injuries. So prevention is always better than cure. As your joints are heavily used in jumping ropes, a proper warmup will lubricate these joints to help them move smoothly. 

 However, before warming up, it is also necessary to ensure that you are well prepared for using a weighted jump rope. Choose an environment that is suitable for your exercise. It is always best to choose a hard surface like concrete that provides excellent grips and prevents slipping. Also, take care in buying the proper rope and shoes to make your routine easy and smoother. 

 Last but not least, you should adjust the length of the jump rope according to your height. The best way to test the length is by standing in the middle of the rope and pulling it till the handles are tight. Your weighted jump rope should hit around the armpits. If it goes above your chin, it is not the correct length. Anything below the armpits would be too short for you. As much as a warmup is crucial, ensuring these points are taken care of is equally important.

Warmup Exercises before Jumping Ropes

Now let's look at some warmup exercises that you can do before jumping ropes. Do them before every session and you are sure to get all the benefits. 

Wrist Mobility Rolls

You use your wrists extensively while jumping ropes. So this warmup is significant to reduce the risk of injuries. You can make 10 to 15 wrist circles in each direction. Do it slowly avoiding any jerky movement. 

Forearm Stretches

Open the palm of your hands and hold the fingers with your other hand and stretch them. Do the same using your other hand. But while doing so, do not apply a lot of pressure to make it painful. Increase the pressure gradually and hold it for at least 10 seconds. Doing so will prepare your wrist joints for using a weighted jump rope. 

Ankle Rolls

To avoid ankle injuries, perform 10 to 15 ankle rolls in each direction. First, touch the floor with your toes and then move your ankle right to left and then left to right. Then do the same with your other leg. 

Arm Swings or Arm Circles

Gently move or swing your arms. It will help get the arms and shoulders loosened up for further exercise. You can experiment with all the different variations like forward swing, backward swing, or canoes.

Calf Stretches

Get in the downward dog position and lift your legs back and forth to walk in place. It is like "the mountain climbers" exercise but with less intensity. This will help you to stretch your calf muscles to make them ready for exercise. 

Hope this article helped you understand what is a warmup and why warmup is important for skipping. Follow the warmup routines mentioned and get ready for an effective weighted jump rope exercise. 


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