Payment Method

Pay via PayPal

PayPal Express, using PayPal address

On the Check out page, click 'PayPal' button in 'Express checkout' frame to get in PayPal Express.

PayPal Normal, using new delivery address

1.On the Check out page, please input your 'Contact information ' and 'Shipping address ', then continue to the shipping.

2.Confirm 'shipping method', then continue to payment.

3.Select 'billing address same as shipping address ' or input a different billing address, and then complete the order.

4.Input PayPal account and password, click 'Log in' button to complete payment and confirm order.

Pay with debit or credit card

On the Check out page,the first 3 steps same as the previous above of PayPal Normal.

4.Please select 'Pay with debit or credit card', input your account, billing address, contact info, then click 'pay now'

5.After the above steps, finally you will go to the order confirmation page.


1. If you encounter problems during the payment process, please contact, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

2. Please pay within 2 days so as to avoid unnecessary delays and to ensure you get your item ASAP.

3. Buyers will receive the transaction notification within 24 hours. We reserve the rights to cancel the order if the buyer does not pay us or contact us for payment within 7 business days after auction end. Payment must be received unless the buyer has contacted us with any specific reasons.