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Why I choose weighted jump rope?

I’m a normal office worker just like you, working day and night. One morning recently I caught sight of myself in the mirror. I just couldn’t believe the man that appeared in the mirror was me! The man is old and fat with a big belly, which prevents me from seeing my feet when I look down. My body was out of the shape, like many men in their 30s. That boy with all the energy had gone. It was an old man standing just in front of me. I decided I can’t live this way. Something needs to change.

I went to the gym nearby and paid to become a member. I started exercising there twice a week. Things went well in the first month, and I did gain a bit of my energy back. But work was becoming more and more busy and I didn’t always have enough time to go to the gym. My back and neck were painful again. I felt my body lose power, but then I saw a jump rope online. It was a normal jump rope but a little heavier. When I researched it I discovered it was called a Weighted Jump Rope. I used to be a jump rope lover when I was a child (I was very good at it in primary school). It was that day I picked up the jump rope and tried to skip a few steps. It felt like all my pains and anxiety were gone while jumping the rope. It reminded me of my childhood when I used to play with my friends. A weighted jump rope really benefits my health, both mentally and physically.

I started to jump on my breaks from work. I jump when I have time in my house. I jump whenever I can! I have found that the Weighted jump rope not only helps my weight loss but also restores my energy. For now, I’m following a workout that means I jump 2000 times, three times a week. I have become a student of the “Weighted Jump Ropes”!

I hope my story can inspire you to join me!