Why weighted jump rope?

Weighted Jump Rope Benefits:

1. Exercise more muscle groups

With a weighted jump rope, you will activate more muscles of your upper body, especially of your back, shoulders and arms. This is due to the added resistance of the rope’s weights requiring more force from your muscles.

2. Burn more calories

Since you are exercising more muscle groups, you will eventually be burning more calories with a weighted jump rope in comparison to using a regular jump rope for the same amount of time.

3. Helps in maintaining proper form

A weighted jump rope might sound like an equipment for professionals and appear intimidating to beginners. But the truth is that they are better suited for beginners than traditional, light jump ropes.

  • martina_jumps

    If you like to add more strength into your jumprope workouts get a weighted rope. This 1lb weighted jump rope not only it looks great but it feels great swinging it around my body and working on strengthening my core and upper body. 💪🏽

  • staceyskips2021

    The thick non slip handles were comfortable to hold and enabled me to complete a variety of different jumprope skills; from footwork to double unders to leg crosses. Hererope Storm rope handled it all!

  • skipping.my.40s

    For me a 1/4lb weighted rope adds some weight, but still let's me chase some fast feet combos. This rope did everything that Id want it to, and I'm very happy to add it to my collection!