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How to Jump Rope Fast?

We cannot emphasize enough the benefits of skipping, and how it can have a positive impact on your health and fitness. Jumping rope can help you lose weight as it is a fast calorie burner. And, with the correct tips and tricks, it is possible to get optimum results and lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time. 
It is an effective cardio workout practiced extensively by athletes to facilitate weight loss and diversify their workout routine. However, anyone with a good jumping rope can start skipping at home or join a class to lose weight.

The ease and flexibility of using a weighted jump rope have made jumping rope very popular among fitness enthusiasts. Also, research states that ten consecutive minutes of rope jumping are equivalent to running 30 minutes at a comfortable pace. Thus, you derive the effects of a good workout in a shorter amount of time. 

Concerned about Speed?

One common question that often arises is the inability to skip at a high speed. Skipping fast is not easy, and it requires practice over time. If you are a beginner, it is better to take it easy and learn the tips and tricks below to increase your speed.

The most crucial thing to remember is to be consistent and keep practicing till you gain the expertise of jumping rope fast. 
Now, let's look at the most important tips that will help you to jump a rope faster:

Good Quality Rope 

The first is to find a good-quality weighted jump rope that is the perfect size for you. It is advised that the jump rope is three feet taller than you.

Also, the cable should end at your sternum or lower pecs. If it is longer than that, then it will slap the ground unnecessarily. This is the indication that it is not the correct length for you.  


Correct Type of Rope

Second, experts say that the best option for speed is a plastic rope with a 90-degree connection. What it means is the handles are attached to the rope at a 90-degree angle.

This again makes handling the rope much easier for you thus helping you achieve faster speeds. Also, check the ball bearings in your jump rope. They help to friction as the rope spins, making a quick spin more effortless. And it is a known fact that effortless spin means less arm fatigue and faster top-end speed.

Faster Rope

Another step that can make a huge difference in your speed scores is to use a specialised speed rope. You can also use ropes that feature a bare cable wire that has weight, aerodynamics, and stiffness to spin as fast as your wrists will turn it.

Most jumpers find it difficult to continue with jumping ropes because their arms get tired easily. Thus, using a specialised jump rope will take the extra weight away and assist in using your wrists faster.

Correct Posture

Third, you should have the correct posture to accelerate the speed and avoid injuries. You should ensure that the feet are low to the ground. This will help in creating a good rhythm and consistently increase speed. 
Your knees should be slightly bent and the elbows in. The arms should be bent at 90 degrees angles and to skip fast, your wrists should be tight and rotate the rope. Also, your head should be up and looking forward. 


Skier Trick

Practice the "skier" trick. It is the best technique if you are a beginner as it helps in stabilizing and developing the hip muscles. Before starting jumping rope, practice this trick by imagining that you are jumping side to side with your feet together over an imaginary line.

You need to constantly jump sideways in a regular rhythm and practice it till you achieve good balance and coordination.
Speed Beats
Another trick is to skip to speed beats. These are audio tracks that have been designed to set a jumping pace. This technique was developed by Chinese speed skipping teams with great success.

You can easily download it on your phone and utilize them to increase your speed. When you start skipping with your weighted jump rope, try to match your steps with the beat.

You can consistently keep on increasing your speed to match the beats. Different settings are available that helps you to master the beats gradually. 

Speedballs Jump Rope 

Another way to strengthen your wrists and enhance balance and coordination is to train yourself with speedballs jump ropes.

They are great to learn proper jumping techniques and correct any lapses in symmetry, strength, and hand position. As you learn symmetry and synchronicity, you will be able to learn good techniques that will improve your speed.

Keep a track of Your Jumps  

A great way to document your progress is to count the number of jumps you can do in a minute. Write it down and measure your progress along with time. Being diligent about your progress will give you a fair idea of whether you are going the right way.

You can incorporate changes and initiate different techniques to learn to skip faster with a weighted jump rope. That shall be your starting point from which to measure your progress.

Alternating rope jump  

Another way to enhance your speed is by learning the alternating jump rope technique. In this variation, you should jump with one foot slightly ahead of the other.

It is similar to climbing the stairs but in this case while jumping a rope. This variation will assist in improving agility and coordination which are the key skills to enhance your speed while skipping.

Final Note

Last but not the least; do not forget to ask yourself why you want to master the art of jumping rope faster. Different people might have different reasons and you can streamline the process according to that.

If you just want it to increase the level of your exercise, keep on practising till you learn how to jump rope fast.

Or, if you want to compete in a competition, you can always turn to professionals for help who will teach you techniques to acquire this skill.

Practice makes everything perfect and regular use of the weighted jump rope will help you achieve your goals.
Hope you found the article useful. Enjoy skipping!

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