a well-weighted jump rope

What Does A Well-Weighted Jump Rope Depend On?

If you are already jumping ropes, you are aware of the benefits of a jump rope. But if you have not used a weighted jump rope yet, it is a good idea to start now. A well-weighted jump rope help to burn more calories than the traditional skipping rope. They are also more effective in increasing your strength.

How is it Different?

Skipping with a weighted jump rope needs the use of upper extremity muscles. As it is weighted, you require more body strength to continue spinning the rope repeatedly. The extra weight that a weighted jump rope bears helps your muscles and cardiovascular system work harder and thus provides you more health benefits.

To avail of all these benefits, you need to know what a well-weighted jump rope is all about. And you should also know how to choose a good jump rope. These jump ropes could be used with 1-, 2-, 4-, 5- and 6-pound weights to match your fitness and strength levels.

So if you are aware of the basic requirements of a well-weighted jump rope, it will become easier for you to choose and start.
You might ask, “Why is it necessary to know this?”

It is necessary because the right types of equipment are important for correct posture and proper exercise. Thus, it becomes crucial that you know what to look for while buying a weighted jump rope. I will try to make this easier for you to understand what a weighted jump rope depends on.
In case you do not have an effective weighted jump rope, it can cause problems such as:

  • Injuries because of wrong equipment
  • Ineffective exercise
  • Wasted time and energy

What Should You Look for in a Weighted Jump Rope?

Yes, the type of weighted jump rope will depend on individual goals and capabilities. If you are an expert, your requirements would be different than a beginner. And you will also need a lot of variety to go with your exercises.

It will also depend on whether you are using a jump rope for a quick workout or for warming up before doing some other exercise. Many MMA fighters and athletes use a jump rope for the warm-up and cooling process. So these aspects will also come into play.

But the basics remain the same. So below, I have given the most important factors a weighted jump rope depends on. They apply to every jump rope and are the main points to look for.


First and foremost is the length of the jump rope. If you get that wrong, it will be difficult to exercise properly, and there are more chances of injuries. The best way to calculate is to step on the rope with one foot.

After that, bring your feet together and pull the rope. If the jump rope cables stop at your sternum, this indicates that it is the correct length for you. If the rope is higher than that, then it is not the appropriate length.

Another way to measure is to take your height and add three feet to it. For example, if you are 6 feet, then your rope should be 9 feet. Once you get the correct length, you can easily change your cables and handles as you wish and work them out with different weighted jump ropes.


Jump ropes are used to jump and so they can get smashed against hard surfaces. So you need to ensure that your jump rope is durable. You want to get the best value for your money and also be able to use the jump rope for some time.

So a well-weighted jump rope needs to be durable so that it can weather any surface. The best advantage of jumping a rope is that it is easily portable and can be used anywhere.

So, you need to find a jump rope that will last for some time even after being carried around and used on multiple surfaces.

A superior weighted jump rope should have a steel cable wrapped in vinyl or PVC to avoid cracking or breaking. If you have good cables, you can easily use them with different handles of different weights. 

A weighted jump rope will not be durable if they have plastic sleeve beads around a piece of string. Not only will they be difficult to jump with but will also not last long on concrete or brick.

The same goes for leather ropes too. Though they might look tough, they actually are not durable if used outdoors or on hard surfaces. So if you looking for a good quality weighted jump rope keep these things in mind.

Ball Bearing System

A well-weighted jump rope should have a ball bearing system that enables the cable to spin around properly without creating any friction. If the cable slides into the handle, it can cause a problem when you try to get your speed up.

It can also create issues when you are trying to try different ways to jump rope.
Most weighted jump ropes are usually just leather or vinyl that creates a lot of friction. It happens because they are not smooth enough to let the cable or rope spin properly.

So before buying a weighted jump rope, check if the rope has steel ball bearings or not. Steel ball-bearing handles allow the rope to spin at a very high speed.

Thus, it will allow you to get effective exercise and increase your speed in comparison to a regular rope. It will help the rope to spin more easily and make your workout much smoother.


Let’s be honest! We all want the best value for our money. We want a jump rope that is not only durable but also adjustable according to our needs. Most weighted jump ropes are convertible, and they would not be difficult to find.

Adjustable means you should be able to adjust the length of the jump rope according to your convenience. Many jump ropes have this feature where you can shorten the cable of the jump rope to suit your height.

Also, if the jump rope is adjustable, you can easily use the cable with different weights. This way, you can reuse your weighted jump rope in many ways. How cool is that, right?

Hope the article gave you an understanding of what to look for in a weighted jump rope. Now that you know what a well-weighted jump rope depends on, you can easily go ahead and buy one. It will not only be fun but it will also be an effective way to lose weight and get in shape faster. Who doesn’t want to lose calories in a short time?

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