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Reasons You are Not Losing Weight even after Skipping Regularly

When we start an exercise routine with a weighted jump rope, losing weight is the prime goal. And we expect to see a difference in a few days. But for many, it doesn't work that way. If you are reading this article, it means you are trying to find answers as to why you are not losing weight even after skipping regularly. And I will discuss a few reasons why that might be happening and how to correct them.

You might have started using weighted skipping ropes because you heard that it helps in easy weight loss. Yes, it is correct to a certain extent! But if you are not doing it correctly, skipping will not facilitate weight loss. Also, many factors come into play for weight loss. They are:

  1. Genetics
  2. Sleep Habits
  3. Environment
  4. Muscle mass
  5. Health conditions

However, with the correct habits and ways, you can still lose weight according to your expectations. Now, let's find out the reasons why you are not losing weight even with a regular weighted jump rope routine.

Reasons you are not losing weight one: How is Your Diet?

The most important component of weight loss is a good diet. You cannot see results if your calorie intake is too much.

"I am exercising so I can eat"

I have heard many people say so! However, it is far from the truth. If you are trying to lose weight, you will have to be mindful of what you are eating. Mayo Clinic says, "The more active you are, the more calories you burn"

Because you are burning calories, you cannot eat whatever you want. Ensure to keep your calorie intake in check. If you end up consuming more calories than you burn, you will not be able to lose weight. Many people skip meals too to lose weight fast. Skipping meals also is not beneficial as it tempts you to engage in binge-eating.

What to Do:

Analyze your diet and find out where you are going wrong. If you are binge-eating, try to alter the habit. You can keep a food diary to get yourself started. It will help to keep a record of everything that you are eating, and with time, you will be able to make the necessary changes. Also, if you are eating a lot of junk food, you can cut down on them and find healthier options.

Incorrect portion sizes can also be a culprit. Ensure that your portion sizes are not too big. Another option is also to eat 4-5 small meals rather than three big ones if you are prone to snacking. Being mindful of your eating habits will help you to lose weight with your hererope jump rope.

Reasons you are not losing weight two: Is Genetics not on Your Side? stated that a study by the University of Cambridge revealed that there is a relationship between weight loss and genetics. It was seen that thinness, as well as obesity, were heritable traits. So, yes genetics might be a reason why your weight loss is slow. And you can know that genetics is to blame if you have overweight blood relatives. But it should not scare you. Doctors say that weight loss is still achievable even if you are genetically at a disadvantage.

What to Do:

Exercise and healthy eating habits are the keys! Continue skipping with your weighted skipping rope while also adapting to a healthy lifestyle. If you are disciplined and determined, nothing can stop you.

Also, once you lose the weight ensure to continue with a healthy lifestyle to maintain that weight. Many people tend to go back to a bad diet after having lost weight. It will only make you gain back all the weight that you have lost!

Reasons you are not losing weight three: Are you Jumping Ropes Properly?

Though this is basic, we might be overlooking this point. Incorrect exercise can also lead to no results. You might be investing a lot of time, but your weight loss will be slow if you are not skipping properly. So, you need to question yourself about how often you are jumping ropes, how long you are skipping, and how intense they are!

What to Do:

  1. Make sure that your weighted jump rope is of the correct length.
  2. Include variations. The same exercise might stop yielding results.
  3. Mix and match with other cardio and aerobic exercises.
  4. Try increasing the time. Or if you don't have enough time at once, try skipping twice or thrice whenever you can.
  5. Increase the intensity with time.

Let's look at a few basic variations below for effective weight loss through skipping:

  1. Backward Skipping: As the name suggests, instead of twirling the rope forward you need to twirl it backward. It will add more motion to your posterior.
  2. Criss-cross Skipping: Though it is a little difficult to master, this variation is great for coordination. Stand in place starting with the basic jump position. Then with wrists by your side cross the hands and jump the rope.
  3. Scissors: In this position, you do not jump with both your feet upwards but with one foot in front of you and the other behind you. You then jump and land with your feet in opposite directions.
  4. One hop Skipping: One hop skipping means you jump on one foot.

Increasing the intensity by including variations like the above will make the routine interesting and help you lose weight.

Reasons you are not losing weight four: Are you Sleeping Well?

Lack of sleep can be a big reason for not being able to lose weight. If you are not getting proper sleep, your body will not function healthily. It will deter the efforts of weight loss.

Lack of sleep also indicates stress which will not aid in weight loss.

Stress and lack of sleep can also make you indulge in binge-eating which will result in weight gain. Plus, if you are not well rested you won't be able to give your best. And if you are not working out properly with weighted jump ropes, there is less chance of weight loss.

What to Do:

Create a schedule and stick to it! You can also consult a doctor to improve your sleeping and lifestyle habits. A warm bath at night can also relax you and induce sleep. Also, refrain from using phones or computers late at night. With the correct steps, you can make good changes.


As you have got a fair idea about why you might not be losing weight, you can change your diet and lifestyle to get the desired results. Be persistent and determined and it will help you in your weight loss journey! Sometimes the progress can be gradual but don't lose patience. Keep on trying and mastering the skill of skipping. You can try different weighted jump ropes and find the one that suits you. You can also use a hererope jump rope.

Hope you found the article beneficial!

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