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Should Jump Rope Be An Olympic Sport?

Yes, jump rope should absolutely 100 be an Olympic sport.

What I want to do is I want to make the argument for why jump rope should be in the Olympics and then I'm going to talk about different events or ways that it could tangibly be in the Olympics before we get into this.

Why Jump Rope Should Be An Olympic Sport

So why should jump rope be an Olympic sport? I think the more important question to ask is why should it not be an Olympic sport.

1. Requires Athleticism And Practice

First and foremost, jumping rope is hard. Anyone who's reading this article that jumps rope or started to jump rope or is an expert jump roper, no matter what level you're at, it's difficult, it is a sport that you need to practice for hours and hours and years and years to become really proficient and good at it.

So having said that the Olympics is a bunch of events that require athleticism, there's not a ton of sports that require as much athleticism as being able to do a backflip with a jump rope like.

That is one of the most athletic things you can do but I'll get into the events that we would suggest the Olympics do for jump rope later, but first and foremost, it's super hard and requires an immense amount of athleticism.

Secondly, there's a high level of competition associated with jump rope, it's the Olympics competition is what it's all about, so it should definitely be an Olympic sport.

2. Internationally Recognized

Furthermore, it's already recognized as an international sport. There's a ton of countries that already do jump rope as an international sport, there's champions all over the world. So jump rope isn't as a sport is not something new, it's been a sport for a long time like I said, it is internationally recognized.

3. More Reasonable

Another reason why jump rope should absolutely be an Olympic sport is I'm gonna read some other sports that are Olympic sports that I don't know why they're ahead of jump rope.

Archery is an Olympic sport, artistic swimming, bobsledding, curling...I'm not hating on the people who do curling, but it's literally pushing a puck across ice like, how's jump rope not an Olympic sport?

And luge, rhythmic gymnastics, which is kind of like dancing around with one of those like streamer sorts of things. Table tennis, trampoline, weightlifting...

You get the point, but there's basically a bunch of sports that are in the Olympics but jump rope has an even better argument for being an Olympic sport than some of the ones I just mentioned.

So now that I've discussed exactly why 100 jump rope should be an Olympic sport, I'm going to give you guys a few proposals for how I could see it actually fitting into an event.

How Jumping Rope Fit Into Olympic Event

1. Doing Skips For Time

All right, the first event that could make sense for jump rope as an Olympic sport is doing skips for time.

I've seen the competition in China. This is a competition that is run all over the world and has been for many years, but basically, you're given like a minute or two minute or 30 seconds whatever, it would be and you see how many skips you can do, so it'd be like speed skating, you're seeing how many skips you can get in that amount of time.

2. Endurance Event

The second event could be an endurance event where someone has to jump rope for a certain amount of time without messing up, and whoever does it the longest wins. Obviously, you need a ton of endurance and focus to be able to complete that event.

3. Doing Tricks

Third event that is totally plausible is to view it as tricks. There's a huge community of people within the whole jump rope community that are amazing at doing all these crazy acrobatic tricks with a jump rope, so it could literally be seen the same as how they score surfing or skateboarding where the idea is to do the most insane trick and then judges rank you based on that.

4. Crossfit Game

The fourth and final event that I came up with is something like a crossfit game.

For example, you would have to do different jump rope exercises for an amount of skips. It would be like complete 10,000 double unders and the first person to complete those wins the event.

Jump Rope Should Be An Olympic Sport

So all in all, should jump rope be an Olympic sport? Absolutely 100! There's so many arguments for why this should be an Olympic sport and hopefully we will see it recognized as an Olympic sport in the future.

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