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What Should We Do When Skipping Rope Lacks Motivation?

We all know that exercise has many benefits. But given our hectic schedule, we often find that we either do not have the time to exercise or we lack the will to do so. Whatever be the reason, once we run out of motivation, it is very difficult for us to start exercising. Consistency is the key to moving forward. When we start with any project in mind, we start all motivated and committed. But as time goes by, our motivation fades and we put our goals aside. 

What Excuses Do You Use When You Lack Motivation? 

“I do not have the time. I need to meet someone”
“I am tired. I had a busy workday”
“My body hurts. I cannot exercise”
The list could be endless when you want to find excuses. We will always have something or the other going on to use as excuses. It is not going to help you in any way. It will only work as a hindrance to better health and fitness. The most important thing to do is to stop making excuses and understand that exercise is a priority. Only when you stop making excuses can you start.


Why Do You Feel De-motivated?


Considering it a chore

Finding the reasons why you are not motivated to exercise could be a great starting point. One of the main reasons why you can lose interest in exercising with a jump rope is when you do it as a chore and do not enjoy it. When you make exercise fun, you will not find it cumbersome or a burden rather you will look forward to it.

If you make your exercise a boring routine, you will soon hate doing it and in the process, you will abandon doing it altogether. In order to keep your motivation intact, try doing your jump rope exercise with a sense of joy, and accomplishment and you will have something to look forward to. Do not do any exercise for the results but choose one which excites you. This will yield more results in the form of happiness, passion, and consistency. 

Too much expectation
Another reason why we lose motivation is that we are too hard on ourselves. If you are doing jump rope exercises solely to lose weight, chances are that you may not enjoy the process of working out as it will seem like a chore. But if you look past your weight loss goal and try to build a habit then you are more likely to benefit from it.

Focus more on learning the art of jumping rope, while paying attention to your endurance, baseline strength and cardiovascular performance and make a note to see your progress. As you keep exercising, you will realize that your endurance level has increased, you are able to complete more reps and you are less fatigued. 
Giving Up Negative Mindset
I know it’s very easy to say that exercising every day is very difficult and I can’t do it. Everyone does that. But we must remember that we are stronger than we think. If exercise was easy, everyone would be in great shape but that’s not the case. So, when you feel de-motivated, or when your exercise regimen gets tough, stimulate yourself to push through it.

When you test your limits, you will be able to see the real results. Try to find out “why” you what to exercise. Rationalize the real reason. Knowing the real “why” will help you fight through and keep going. So, if you decide to jump rope, your reason for exercising should not be to look like models. Your real aim should be to see yourself fit, increase your strength and the overall well-being of your health.
Reward yourself by acknowledging the fact that you have done a tremendous job by putting in the hard work and the results you begin to see. Try to boost yourself up by not getting frustrated, enjoying the process, and most of all by not giving up. Also, stop the comparison game.

If you constantly compare your fitness routine with others, then you will easily get de-motivated. Remember, that everybody is different, and their fitness routine and goals are also not the same. If you feel that they have the perfect body, keep in mind that they had to work hard to reach where they are now. 

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If you find it hard to jump rope for an extended period, then make your sessions short and keep it fun. Just you’re your jump rope and jump for fun. Rather than overexerting yourself in one day, you can make your exercise routines short and prolong them. This will help you keep the interest alive and not give up on your routine. 
Find The Available Resources You Need
If you are willing to go the extra mile, there are resources available to help you up and moving. 
Workout with a Partner
The most accessible resource is to invite a friend or a family member to exercise with you. When you feel that you are lacking in motivation for jump rope exercising, one thing which can help is doing it with a partner. Having a partner can give the needed push when you feel like giving up. 
When working out with a work buddy, you will have an element of accountability as you will not feel like letting your friend down. Even research suggests that working in pairs can yield more results than when done solo.

It is also proven that having an emotionally supportive and encouraging exercise partner can lead to an increase in your exercise levels. Therefore, finding the right exercise partner who can inculcate excitement about working out is going to clearly affect your fitness habits especially when you are out of motivation. 


Join Online Challenges 
Another way to stay motivated is to commit to a jump rope challenge. There are many YouTube channels that keep on posting workout challenges for you to benefit from. You can keep a record of the entire process to track your progress. You can even document your challenge and share it with your circle of friends so that you don’t waver. 
There are also groups available on the internet who takes up challenges together. Being a part of such a group can help you establish the habit of jumping rope and once you get the hang of it, it is more than likely that you will stick to your workout routine.
Join a Class
Last but not least is to join a class. If nothing else is working joining a class will motivate you to stay active. When you have a guide and other exercise enthusiasts, you will be able to achieve the fitter lifestyle you are looking for.
The fact that you are thinking about exercising means that you are aware of its importance. Getting up and starting is the main hurdle. Once you start and become consistent, motivation will build and exercise will soon become a part of your lifestyle.

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