Jump Rope Mat

Why Do You Need A Jump Rope Mat?

What's the number one reason why you need a jump rope map?

A Mat Makes Your Jump Rope Last Longer

A jump rope mat can prolong the life of your ropes last, whatever you're using a weighted jump rope, a PVC rope or beaded rope.
If you are jumping on the concrete or hard surface instead of a rubber surface or soft floor, there's going to be a lot of wear and tear to your jump rope. If you don't use a mat, it will start to wear down and you'll see that steel cable come out which is terrible. You should not be jumping like that, and you can easily prevent this by using a mat.


It Helps To Absorb Impacts

The jump rope prevents shin splints and soreness. One of the biggest complaints that we get about jumping rope is that it causes soreness in your ankles, your knees and definitely your shins, so a way to avoid this is to get a somewhat cushiony surface to jump on.
Generally, the jump rope mat is much thicker and more durable than a regular yoga mat, so it's going to give you bounce and prevent your joints from injury.

The Mat Applies To All Surfaces

Using a mat allows you to jump on any terrain. I mean I can throw the mat in the back of my car and then I'll drive somewhere where there's dirt, sand or grass. Since I can't jump comfortably on those surfaces alone, I'll put a mat down and it will make everything fine and I just feel I'm on a regular ground.
So having a mat helps you be a little bit more versatile in the location of where you're doing your workouts.


A Mat Helps Your Workout Goes Longer

Because of the extra padding of the jump rope mat, it not only reduces your injury but it allows you to have a little bit more spring when you're doing jump rope tricks, so it allows you a little bit more explosiveness. 
That's going to protect you from injury and it helps you go a little bit longer during your workouts because you have that kind of explosion coming off the mat, so you're feeling it, you're not messing up as much and overall, it's just helping you prevent injury.

You Can Do Workout Everywhere

Having a jump rope mat in a certain location is a great thing to do your jump rope workouts. For example, I would go to the gym and work really hard and then leave, sometimes it's nice to have a designated area where I'm doing my jump rope workouts.
For a lot of people, the mat can help them stay motivated, I can do my workouts in my garage or my office. That's where I do the thing and get after, it just having that location where you can forget about all the stresses of your day and get after, it is super important.


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